(N-H Eco)

Production of Carbon Free Liquid Fuel and Fertilizer

Future economic prosperity is greatly dependent upon future sources of energy. Current research and development is pioneering new technologies based on the Nitro-Hydrogen Economy. The Nitro-Hydrogen Economy provides a low-cost, carbon free, liquid fuel and fertilizer at point of sale. The fuel can be blended with gasoline and/or diesel for use in existing vehicles at up to 85% (15% gasoline). The development of advanced engine technologies will provide overall vehicle efficiencies on a par with battery electric technology.

  • Carbon free liquid fuel and fertilizer produced at point of sale from renewable electricity at $1.35/gal
  • No need to transport fuel
  • Makes more effective use of the existing electrical grid to provide 75% of current gasoline usage
  • No need for massive and costly new infrastructures
  • Provides controllable storage of electricity: used as fuel, fertilizer, or recycled back to electricity
  • Storage Increases utilization of wind, solar and renewable sources by approximately 30% and helps balance the electrical grid
  • Provides US energy security by removing dependence on foreign Oil
  • Provides major reduction in Carbon Dioxide, Oxides of Nitrogen and other pollutants
  • Assists economic recovery by eliminating $300 Billion per year of offshore payments while providing US jobs