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E2Amm Introduce Alternative to Petroleum Based Economy

The Nitro-Hydrogen Economy offers solutions to foreign oil dependence and global warming while boosting the economy

Texas led the world into the petroleum-based economy, and now Texas can lead the world into a Nitro-Hydrogen based economy. The system offers an immediate carbon-free solution to problems such as environmental pollution, global warming and dependence on foreign oil, without changes to the existing infrastructure. It offers energy independence and security and the reduction in foreign exchange bills and at the pump prices provides a major boost to our economy

The Nitro-Hydrogen economy consists of five elements:
  • The Electrogen machine – a low cost device that produces Hydrogen from electricity and water at $3.29/kg from 5c/kWH Electricity.
  • The Ammonia machine – uses the Hydrogen and adds Nitrogen to produce a carbon free liquid ammonia fuel at $ 1.35/gal on site.
  • Ammonia gasoline and diesel fuel blends to allow use in existing engines.
  • The High efficiency vehicle engines – engines that will run on ammonia fuel, as opposed to petroleum with double the range of present vehicles but at battery-electric vehicle efficiencies.
  • Nitric Acid machine – a machine that produces ammonium nitrate fertilizer, for use in the farming industry.

The Ammonia machine is a shipping container-sized object that can be activated at a corner filling station, a farm or co-op, the site of a natural disaster, the deserts of Afghanistan, or to provide humanitarian aid to produce as much fuel and fertilizer as you need, when you need it, for a fraction of the cost.

Ammonia can also be blended at the pump with gasoline and diesel for use in existing vehicles. The byproducts from the engines are only nitrogen and water vapor- there is a great reduction in emissions.

Additionally, this system has the ability to store and regenerate electricity; therefore the Nitro-Hydrogen Economy can make use of renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar, to bring balance to the electrical distribution system. Concerns about peak demand and rolling blackouts would become a thing of the past.

These systems have been developed by Mr. John Fleming, a consulting engineer with E2Amm. He is available to the press for in depth interviews.